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Welcome to the erotic world of courtesans - Deeper in Sin

Welcome to the erotic world of courtesans! 
Sharon Page - Deeper in Sin

Sophie Ashley found herself in a dreadful situation.  She desperately needs to find a protector so that she is able to provide for her young son, her close friend and her children.  Thrown out by her adoptive parents for having a child out of wedlock and pursued by a nasty lord that is trying to force her into becoming his mistress, Sophie finds herself in London.  She is seeking entrance to the world of the famous London’s Cyprians. 

With determination she knows she can gain access.  She has prepared herself and has gathered information from a journal that she carries.  It is written by her mother, a courtesan, and it details and chronicles her rise and love affairs with many powerful men in London.  With the journal as her guide, Sophie gathers courage and successfully gains access to a lavish Cyprian Ball.  There she meets our hero, Fitzwilliam MontCleif, the Duke of Caradon – and known as Cary to his close friends.

Cary rescues Sophie from a sticky situation during the ball and in doing so sparks hope in Sophie that he may agree to become her protector.  Little does Sophie know that our handsome duke carries with him some very heavy emotional damage that prevents him from offering more than just friendship.  But Sophie does not give up and makes it her mission to try to help him through. 

With a murder-mystery story backdrop we find these two lovers moving through the decadent world of lust and sin, looking for answers to solve the mystery. 

Sophie is very innocent, but is very open to what she sees around her, and wants to be able to please Cary.  Not only because she is falling for him but also so that she can help him emotionally.  At times she seemed to be a bit too eager and not very sure of herself.  She did go forward into any situation readily; but at times it felt that she was missing that courage that you find from a strong heroine.  She makes it up in her sweetness and love for her hero and you could not help but pluck along to see the book through.

Cary is a strong hero.  He is handsome and courageous, and you could not help but feel so bad for what he is going through.  The effects of war and childhood tragedies where finally weighing down on him.  Finding Sophie to soothe his soul is just what he needs. 

This is an erotic novel, and there are some pretty spicy scenes stored within, but nothing too shocking.  Overall it was satisfying.

I would give this novel Four Stars.  The murder/mystery story caught my interest and did surprise me at the end.  The heroine was a little disappointing, but the hero made up for it.

*ARC provided by author/NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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