Monday, September 14, 2015

Luck Be a Lady - Be still my beating heart!

Be still my beating heart!  Hello Nick O'Shea!

Meredith Duran
Be still my beating heart!  Hello Nick O'Shea!

I find myself devouring historical romance books quickly and always looking for a new one to catch my interest and also new authors to add to my “go to” collection.

I was a little restless and not finding anything that caught my interest I decided on purchasing Luck Be a Lady.  I downloaded it to my Kindle late in the afternoon and did not put it down until I was done that evening, right about midnight!  I was hooked.

I usually find myself reading books about the ton, balls and country parties.  It was refreshing to read Nick and Catherine’s story.  This is a follow up to a previous book Lady Be Good (Rules for the Reckless), which I have not read and I had no trouble reading this one as a stand alone. 

Catherine, our heroine for this book, seeks Nick O’Shea out for help against her brother, which she suspects of being involved in some dirty work.  She fears he may be placing their exclusive Auction House, Everleigh, in jeopardy.  Everleigh is dear to her, as half of it was left to her by her father (the other half is left to her brother).  She grew up in this house.  Away from the pleasures of playing with other children; she was forced to grow up fast.  Earning her the nickname the “Ice Queen”. 

Nick O’Shea grew up in the extreme poverty and through a lot of sacrifice has risen to a powerful position first as a criminal and eventually into honest investments.  He looks after the people that live in his part of the world.  Looking out for his tenants and their children.  Keeping a close eye on those that come in and out of Whitechapel, he is sinfully handsome, with not much education to speak of but a very smart business man.  He is the dangerous, sexy hero that you look for when you pick up a romance book.

Nick has been watching Catherine from afar.  Admiring her beauty and pretty impressed about how intelligent she is with the business of the Auction House.  Secretly desiring her, he was dumbfounded when the opportunity comes to make her his.  The chemistry is strong between these two, and their banter will have you entertained.  Catherine fights the attraction and he pushes forward, teasing, but at the same time giving her space and waiting for her.  The first time they come together was pretty entertaining but also pretty steamy. 

It was interesting to read about Nick’s world.  His struggles to move to the top and what he has done for those that live in Whitechapel.  It was good read about how he slowly melted Catherine’s heart.  A business woman to the end she was at first very suspicious of his help. 

I will give this story five stars.  It captivated me, made me want to cheer for both of them and love the hero! 

This is my honest review. I purchased this book for my collection.

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